Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Man Heard Music

One of the great social events in our part of the world is a crawfish boil. Last weekend I cooked over 200 pounds of crawfish for a friend’s annual gathering. The afternoon, and then the evening, was alive with laughter, relationships, community and life. We had a large time. One of my favorite moments happened when The Delta Mountain Boys (a local Blue Grass band) started playing. While their fiddle player was absent, their music was still fantastic. But then, out of nowhere an older man appeared with a fiddle in his hand, and joined right in. I assumed that he was a friend of the band and that someone had called him. At a break I introduced myself and discovered that he did not know anyone at the party. He said, “I hope you don’t mind, but I was sitting on my back porch listening to this great music and decided I had to find the party and join in. So I grabbed my fiddle and drove around the neighborhood until I saw the cars.” After the initial surprise, I assured him that he was more than welcome and hoped he had as much fun as the rest of us.

A man heard music and set out to find the party.


Jerome Ellard said...

Great story. Baxter, that reminds me of something you wrote about the church needing to become the "partying church" - where the joy of the Father, Son and Spirit are lived out for all to see and hear! Hmmm. Should I ask Sonny if we can schedule a crawfish boil (or BBQ) for next Sunday??

C. Baxter Kruger, Ph.D. said...