Sunday, April 24, 2011


As the Father’s eternal Son, and the anointed One, and as the Creator in and through and by and for whom all things were created and are sustained, Jesus already had a relationship with all creation and the whole human race prior to his incarnation. In his death at our hands Jesus established his relationship with us in the catacombs of our twisted pathology and sin. Humbly submitting himself to be rejected and cursed by us Jesus pitched his tent inside our blackest hell, and he was not alone. He brought his Father and the Holy Spirit with him. How could the love of the Father, Son and Spirit be defeated by evil? How could our sin and treachery overcome the mutual faithfulness of the Father, Son and Spirit? How could death destroy the eternal life of the blessed Trinity? On resurrection day the life and love and fellowship of the Father, Son and Spirit triumphed. Jesus rose in his Father’s love, anointed in the Holy Spirit, and he was not alone. He had us, and all creation in his arms.

Hope in Jesus and in his relationship with his Father, and in his relationship with the Holy Spirit, and in his relationship with all creation. Believe.

Happy Easter

Friday, April 22, 2011

A Good Friday Prayer

Bless you Jesus Christ, Father’s eternal Son, One anointed in the Holy
Spirit, Creator and Sustainer and Redeemer of all things. In
unspeakable humility you crossed all worlds to become one with us, and
submitted yourself this day to be judged and beaten, mocked and
despised, cursed and crucified by the human race, embracing the
hostility of sinners against you, that you could reach us at our
unspeakable worst, thereby bringing all that you are with your Father
in the Holy Spirit together with all that we are in our terrible
darkness and pain. We betrayed and rejected you and you formed them
into the way of our adoption. We despised and cursed you and you formed
them into the temple of the Holy Spirit. Dying in the arms of our scorn
you brought your life into our death, your relationship with your
Father into our miserable destitution, your anointing in the Holy
Spirit into our despair, transforming Adam’s fall into the bosom of
your Father and the world of the Holy Spirit. Bless you Jesus, all
honor and praise and glory to your unspeakable love.
Blessings to all,
Good Friday 2011