Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Rejoice with the Kruger family today as The Shack Revisited is finally released across the country.  The reports so far have been remarkable.  Thank you, Holy Spirit, we will have more please.

Here are the next book signings for those of you in the Mississippi area.

11-OCT-2012, 5:00pm, Jackson, Lemuria Book Store
16-OCT-2012, Evening, Oxford, Square Books
23-OCT-2012, 4-6, Prentiss, Across from Court House

See you there.


Dan G said...

Most Excellent! Definitely looking forward to reading it.

Florian Berndt said...

Yeaah! Getting my copy tomorrow...

Trevor and Linda Galpin said...
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Trevor and Linda Galpin said...

This is an amazing book which not only adds so much to the richness of the Shack but goes way beyond. This will be a book I will go back to time and time. Thank you so much Baxter for sharing your heart and deep insights with us.

Ted Johnston said...

Hi Baxter,

I'm now reading your new book (on Kindle!). It is an excellent recap of The Shack and I love the way you highlight the underlying Trinitarian Theology. Yes, more, please!

P.S. I'm going to be highlighting your book in my next Surprising God blog (along with some other media encounters that rocked my world recently).

Thanks so much for your ministry, brother!

Boyd Merriman said...

YES! We saw that out there when we were looking up The Shack for a friend! I hope to get a copy soon! Congratulations! Thanks for continuing to work WITH Christ in this awesome project!

Cindy Quarles said...

Baxter, I have had the privilege of reading "The Shack Revisited", and also listening to the audio version. I enjoyed the audio because you yourself read it and your excitement and passion came through in every line.

This is a thoughful, thought provoking book. I found myself in tears many times at the astounding goodness of God expressed so eloquently. It is rare to find a deep thinker who can communicate as brilliantly as you do. Thank you for this work. It is priceless. I purchased 4 copies and gave 3 to friends. I want everyone to read this book!

Great Googly Moogly! said...

Hey Baxter,

I just finished the book. If you would have told me back in 2009 that I would enjoy your books so much (and especially one about The Shack), I would have said you were dreaming...or smoking! Thanks for challenging me to put on my "big boy britches". I have and they are very comfortable indeed!