Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Union. Union. Union!  Anything less than the true, real, and personal union of Jesus Christ—the Father's eternal Son incarnate, anointed in the Holy Spirit—with the fallen human race is unworthy of the word 'salvation.'


Anonymous said...

I am beginning to see that it's only in Union that we find our glory.

Unknown said...

Dr Kruger, I have been familiar with your works for about 6 months now. Starting with Jesus and the Undoing of Adam, my entire mind and ways of thinking have been flipped. A friend of mine recently visited you, Cody, and spoke of what a wonderful time he had discussing wonderful truths about theology, the bible, Jesus ect. He then informed me that he began reading The Shack Revisited and I myself purchased a copy. I am only in Chapter 5 but felt the need to express my deep appreciation for this work. It has evoked emotional responses that I did not know I was capable of as well as it has confronted some of my own personal turmoil. I just wanted to thank you for making available such and elegant yet simple revelation of the Fathers love. Many Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Baxter for this small but huge reminder. Bruce W said it to us in Adelaide a couple of years ago and we didn't have a grasp on what he meant at the time. Just finished third time through The Big Picture, and wow! now we get it. Never heard it in over 50 years of evangelical teaching - what an omission!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!