Friday, February 14, 2014

A Perfect Knight

"A King does not need a perfect knight."--from the movie, The Kingdom of Heaven


Unknown said...

The undoing of Adam Across all world's and the Shack revisited totally enjoyed.

Unknown said...

As I read Across all worlds Jesus inside our darkness the author expresses "The truth is, that Jesus' Father will not rest until His forgiveness that Jesus provided through His death cuts an understanding into our pain, until His forgiveness is known in our darkness, recieved and believed, and issues forth in the restoration of our fellowship with Him and our forgiveness of others and ourselves."
     So I would say it is the absence of recieving His love and forgiveness that many remain struggling trying in their own ability to overcome not often understanding pain, sorrow, human folly, ignorance, sin and or evil have caused people to accept lies that only God is aware of.     I can be unconscious of pain, sorrow many things as the Apostle Paul came to understand in approaching God in 1 Corinthians 4:4. So this gives me the opportunity in recognizing He knows me to approach Him in regards to Him being aware of those things I am not yet as He heals and transforms my heart, mind, body, soul and spirit.
    In my struggle I can become aware if I have no struggle how would I know. If I feel no pain how would I know or become aware of a need to be met. In these things He makes known Himself, His way and His ability to continue to teach me and show me how to overcome in and thru Him.
In Christ
Linda Mullin

tim said...

What takes me by surprise is just how effectively therapeutic is the emphasis Baxter gives theology. That is the dealing with our personal 'shacks' . I have always been very wary or suspicious on this, but it looks as if we become more open and sharing and loving people, only when the lid is lifted on our pains and hurts and bad habits of mind. It is impossible to do this on our own. I thought of myself as fairly whole undamaged person by dint of having had a stable family background etc, but this Baxter God leaves no stones unturned, and that is when this God seems quite real and seriously interested in doing something about our inner world of sin and darkness.Does make me wonder though what place the 'secular' counsellor or therapist has, ie. what their role is and their degree of effectiveness.

Unknown said...

Dear Baxter,

I thought of you today in redrafting this limerick...see what you light of Gene gene had a machine, frank frank turned the crank, joe joe made er go, art art let a (well you know)...

Augustine Augustine built a machine, Plato Plato made her go, Greeks Greeks fueled those leaks, then Barth Barth lit a spark fart blew it all apart, now Torrance Torrance enlightens our ignore(ance).

From a poet who didn't know it :)

Joe Kearney said...

...Perhaps only a man whose heart has been touched by the love of the King who's spirit reaches to every barren tree branch in winter, every song of the first bird of spring.