Monday, July 21, 2014

Fishing Glory

A little break in the south Louisiana marsh Jack Cravelle fishing with my son Baxter (sporting a beard) and John Wauchope (Batman), son of Bruce Wauchope from Adelaide, Australia with Captain Jason Shilling of  Kowalick, note the monster taken on one of my lures.  Just like when I fish with you.  We were fishing for speckled trout, which are great to eat, when Captain Shilling noticed a massive school of fish blowing up on some pogies.  It looked like a whale to me.  As it turned out it was a school of 20+ pound Jacks.  Needless to say we spent the afternoon chasing the school and had the time of our lives.  John, the rookie, allegedly caught the slightly largest fish at over 22 pounds, but he lost points because it took him an hour to land the fish.  He takes after his dad.  Thank you Jason for a great day, and thank you Holy Spirit; we will have more please.  That was a large time.  Next up for me is speaking at Caleb Miller's place in Fort Collins, Colorado ( Saturday and Sunday (26-27th) then to Denver with Wes Roberts on Monday and Tuesday (28-29th).  Blessings to all.


Scott said...

There is nothing like the “joy of surprise” when you set out in one direction and all of a sudden out of nowhere something like this happens. The glory shows up and the magic begins.

Great Googly Moogly! said...

What will you be speaking on when in Ft. Collins? We are going to try and make the Saturday session.

Tony said...

Holy crap! That is one large fish! Was that caught with one of your own lure creations?