Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Shack Revisited

Available 2 October 2012

“The Shack Revisited is Baxter’s masterpiece.  On the canvas of The Shack he has distilled the heart of the Trinity.  This book is a Bible School for all of us, expounding the heart of the God who is love.  A must read.”

—Malcolm Smith, International Bible Teacher and author!of The Power of the Blood Covenant


Dan G said...

Excellent! Been waiting a long time for this.

Dyann said...

Hi Baxter,
So good to hear from you!!
Can't wait to read this book!!!

Patrick M. Roddy said...

Baxter, My name is Patrick Roddy. I used to work at CBN and ABC News. A comment of mine was included in the book the Shack and I consider Paul Young to be a great friend and fellow traveler. Just finished ready an advanced copy of you book The Shack Revisited.
Wow! The Revolution Continues! God Bless you for bringing clarity and understanding to the Amazing Joy I know in being welcomed into the Trinity's fellowship.
As Paul often says if anything matters then everything matters and what you have crafted matters.

Love to chat sometime.

Richard said...

Hi Baxter,
I have been looking forward to the release of this book with great anticipation.

Anonymous said...

I loved the Shack and your book has just exploded into my life! I wanted to use "The Shack" for a book study at my church, where I am a Lay Ecclesial MInister, but I hadn't found anything I liked to used to help explain the theology contained in the Shack. Your book has provided that and MORE! I am an abuse survivor who had a similar experience of hating god and than finding a very loving GOd. I just can't say enough about either book! They mean so much to me! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

My name is Chris. I lost my son Kyle on April 19, 2010. He was 14 at the time. So when I read the "Shack" back in 2010 it was very emotional.My thoughts about God are not the best as you can figure it out. Then I just came upon "The Shack Revisted". Well then as I have read "The Shack Revisted" my mind has even wondered in many more directions. So with that being said we all may think we know what God is about or is there a God? With that being said "I hope my son is alright"!

Anonymous said...

Your book is hot in our church! A 90 yr-old lady trustfully lent me her copy to read 'just for the week!' After I had finished reading it, I was driving my car in a fairly narrow street and had to stop to allow a furniture truck to back into the driveway of a house. The name of the furniture removal company in large letters on the side of the truck was "BAXTER'. I was fascinated at the coincidence as I was forced to stop and take note. The thought I had was that Baxter (Kruger) does that in his book. He 'shifts' us. He brings us to a 'new place'/'Home', where we truly belong.